Flowers, Nature, and Animal Themed Lamps
Island Blue Peacock Bird Bottle Light
Red Primrose Flower Lamp
Hot Pink Daisy Flower Lamp
Yellow Buttercup Flower and Mint Green Butterfly Bottle Light
Lavender Butterfly Lamp
Blue Butterfly Lamp
Ladybug Lamp Themed Bottle Light Yellow Ribbon

Flower and Nature Lamps

Accent Bottle Lights

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Flower and nature themed lamps are practical gifts for animal and bird lovers, butterfly admirers, and flower decorators. They are a great gift idea for a friend's birthday, or to enjoy in your own home.

The flower and nature lamps are handcrafted from frosted glass wine bottles, graphic and/or text decals, bow and ribbons, gemstones, our wireless push button LED light fixture cap, and have intriguing shadow effects.

  • 13” x 3”
  • Batteries included
  • 3 bulb- 50,000 hour LED lighting
  • 1 year guarantee on light fixture