Princess and Superhero themed frosted glass bottle lights
Light Blue Princess Cinderella Bottle Light
Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora Pink Lamp
Princess Snow White Bottle Light
Tangled Princess Rapunzel Lavender Lamp
Beauty and the Beast Princess Belle Yellow Lamp
Frozen Princess Elsa Blue Lamp
Little Mermaid Princess Lamp
Aladdin Princess Jasmine Turquois Lamp
Superhero Superman Bottle Light
Superhero Batman Blue Lamp

Princess and Superhero Lamps

Accent Bottle Lights

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Princess and superhero lamps are delightful birthday or Christmas gift ideas for boys and girls bedroom decor. Since kids enjoy gifts of their favorite movie characters, they'll cherish their special themed decor light.

The princess and superhero lamps are handcrafted from frosted glass wine bottles, graphic and/or text decals, bow and ribbons, gemstones / genuine leather cord, our wireless push button LED light cap, and have intriguing shadow effects.

  • 13” x 3”
  • Batteries included
  • 3 bulb- 50,000 hour LED lighting
  • 1 year guarantee on light fixture