Product Care


It is best to handle lamp with clean hands to avoid fingerprint marks on frosted glass. If marks occur, clean just that area with well wrung out cloth with soap and water, then well wrung out cloth to rinse a few times.

Dry with a soft hand towel. Avoid decals, ribbons, etc. Don’t use paper towels, windex, or other cleaners.

Decals: Dust only.

Photos: Gently clean with a damp cloth as needed.

Battery Replacement

We recommend name brand LR44 batteries. Take care not to remove the switch from the cap as it could scratch the painted cap surface.

  1. Unscrew and remove cap from bottle.
  1. Twist the battery housing (the grey long part) counterclockwise to remove (while holding the silver part at the on/off switch).
  1. After removing the old batteries, insert new batteries all facing the same direction, negative end first (the non-flat side).
  1. Replace battery housing, and screw the cap back onto the bottle.